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After the catastrophe of the “riverside”

As everyone knows, Chinese has ten paintings, namely Jin Gu “Lo River map”, Yan Liben of the Tang Dynasty “Bunian Tu”, Zhang Xuan of the Tang Dynasty and Zhou Fang “the ladies” in Tang Dynasty, South Korea to the five Niutu “, the five generation of Gu” Han Xizai evening banquet “, the Northern Song Dynasty Wang Ximeng” Trinidad jiangshantu “Zhang Zeduan of the Northern Song,” riverside “,” graph “of Huang Gongwang in Yuan Dynasty and Ming Dynasty” Han Gong Qiu Qiu Ying Xiao map “,” 100 horses “, Lang Shining of the Qing dynasty. For me, the most impressive is the Northern Song Dynasty Zhang Zeduan “Qingming Festival ten paintings impression”. It was a mark of reading history books when I was a child.
“Riverside” a vivid record of the Chinese twelfth Century Northern Song Dynasty Kaifeng city appearance and the Han Society of people of all walks of life. Describe the Qingming Festival is Bianjing prosperity, prosperity is the witness of life in city in the Northern Song dynasty. Try to think of a big city and small city scenery, people concentrate on a paper, grand and exquisite coexist, dynamic and static. It is Chinese and painting in the history of the world the one and only works, its historical value and artistic value is difficult to assess. However, it is such a great work that, since its birth, it has been beset with crises and tribulations.
“Riverside” author Zhang Zeduan, birth year of 1085 to 1145, that is to say, he should be living in the Northern Song Dynasty and the Southern Song Dynasty two dynasties, but it is safe to say that this piece of work is a masterpiece of Zhang Zeduan in the Northern Song Dynasty is the age of 27, because Song Huizong Zhao Ji has five volumes in the first item sign and with a small print, Ssangyong (lost), there is evidence that “Qingming Festival” is the Northern Song Dynasty imperial palace in 1101 revenue.

A brief introduction to the notes of ancient Chinese painting and calligraphy

A brief introduction to the notes on the identification of ancient Chinese paintings and calligraphy
“Chinese notes” for the identification of ancient calligraphy and painting famous master of ancient paintings and calligraphy identification of Mr. Yang Renkai in the Chinese of ancient calligraphy and painting group identified 1983-1990 national tour during the full range of ancient paintings and calligraphy identification, inventory summary interpretative authority China masterpiece of ancient paintings.
A comprehensive comment on the notes of ancient Chinese painting and calligraphy
“China ancient paintings and calligraphy identification notes” for the identification of famous ancient paintings and calligraphy identification notes Master Mr. Yang Renkai written in Chinese ancient paintings and calligraphy identification 1983-1990 national team during the tour of ancient paintings and calligraphy identification of ancient calligraphy and painting China comment.
The pictures in the Capital Museum
First, this book is an unprecedented feat in the history of the protection of Chinese cultural relics, which is a major achievement.
1983-1990, identified by China’s top tour masters Xie Zhiliu, Qi Gong, identified Xu Bangda, Yang Renkai, Liu Jiuan, Fu Xinian, Xie Chensheng composed of seven Chinese ancient paintings and calligraphy identification group on behalf of the state took eight years to complete the Chinese, private possession of ancient calligraphy and painting, which is an unprecedented feat huge Chinese history of cultural relics protection that book is the major achievement of unprecedented actions as identification of team members, Mr. Yang Renkai, always adhere to full participation in the appraisal work, personally wrote the identification of sixty notes, leaving a value of eternal artistic wealth for Chinese cultural heritage.
Two, this book is a master of ancient painting and calligraphy, a comprehensive inventory of ancient Chinese painting and calligraphy authority.
After Mr. Yang Renkai passed away, press the consistent conclusion: “the world-famous museum experts, painting and calligraphy appreciation, master calligrapher, art historian, museum is a new China pioneer, with great tribute, called the master through generation of identification.” Chinese ancient paintings and calligraphy identification group identification of painting tour a total of more than 60000, Mr. Yang Renkai his representative works about forty thousand pieces, two hundred units collection involving 24 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, the book is a comprehensive expression of identification evaluation China ancient calligraphy and painting masters of the.

The ups and downs of the record of national treasures’ ups and downs

Yang Lao “national treasure: the Imperial Palace scattered ups and downs recorded on the” knowledge of calligraphy and painting since its inception in 1991 has already had five versions: 1991 Shanghai first edition, 1999 United States Agency Agency by the Taipei in 2000, three new Central Plains by the full-color version, Shanghai in 2007 of the Tibetan ancient color agency in 2008 Shanghai beauty club featured this simplified. All normal, in 2015, “national treasure ups and downs” will be published by the people’s Publishing House of Liaoning to create a new version.
Yang old appraisal report
A monograph is very serious, how to read the public? How to create so many versions? In my opinion, the reason is very simple, because the book has three elements: the first successful book, the author is Chinese ancient paintings and calligraphy identification industry absolute top figures, public opinion has been that its reputation as “at home and abroad, Museologist appreciation of calligraphy and painting master, calligrapher, art historian, museum is a new China pioneer, with great tribute, called” a generation of master through identification, only the top authors to create authoritative masterpiece; second, the lost treasure is the major topic of the world for a long time has been a common concern, has a wide readership in various fields of cultural industry, art, calligraphy, collectors and so on; third, the author is Chinese identification, save qinggongsan Some people first painting, is a historical witness, the life experience no one can replace natural works of others is difficult to surpass. With these three elements, the book has many editions and many readers, and it makes sense.

The old Xie and Xu Chou and why?

Among the members of the appraisal team, Xu Bangda left the group and stopped working together when he reported that he had been working in Shanghai for a while.” (from “China generation painting identification notes” Yang Renkai preface)
“December 17, 1987 by minibus to Beijing, Guo Yi hotel.”. The visit to Beijing is not only to summarize the identification team, but also to make Xu Bangda return to the identification team skillfully. Xie Chensheng first to Xu, resulting in an established fact when we arrived at after that, Xie Zhiliu and I. Chen Sheng explained in detail to help, I also advised young Liu to open mind, but fortunately did not appear unpleasant things.” (excerpt from the ancient Chinese painting and calligraphy identification notes), Tianjin
The pictures in the Capital Museum
“Beijing two years of identification, the experts were present.”…… From Beijing to Shanghai at the beginning, then because of Mr. Kai experts are teaching and have many official absence, Mr. Xu also withdrew from the.” (excerpt from Lao Qian, a memoir of ancient Chinese painting and calligraphy)
Why go to the old Xu midway, Xu Erlao Xie, why is there conflict? The author of “Chinese and foreign” Digest extract in 2008 eleventh contained the following solemn, let history true.

Rongbaozhai old manager tells the story of Mr. Hou Kai

Hou Kai, the first Republic Rong Baozhai manager, serving time for 36 years, Mao Zedong served as president of the Republic is also a long time; rongbaozhai, Zhai folk the Imperial Palace, the best in all the land, the guardian in Liulichang throat, recycling a lot of scattered in folk art treasures for the country. Whether Mr. Hou Kai this person, or rongbaozhai this store, I think there are stories, should write a great deal about.
I was the editor of the publishing house, the feeling of occupation told me if I “and rongbaozhai” title, please Mr. Hou Kai the first person tone, with a historical witness identity will rongbaozhai for write down the state for a large number of priceless treasures, the descriptions to be present, will attract many a person’s eye.
In November 27, 2001, I took the old Yang writing a letter of introduction to Mr. Hou Kai home, Mr Hou Kai confessed to my editor to (press, I want to know the cultural field of any big man, as long as the old Yang please write a letter of introduction to it). Although for all sorts of reasons, my topic finally ran aground, but the story Mr. Hou Kai told me was engraved on my mind forever. The story is a big story, thrilling, ups and downs, and I’d like to share it with everyone. All the contents of the following is the story of the worm, I give the story a name, this name is awoken”.

Song Yugui said: “Yang should be carved old statue.”

In March 2000, the author was invited to attend the Symposium on Mr. Yang, who was jointly organized by the Liaoning provincial research Museum of literature and history and the Liaoning provincial museum”.
No participants Yang Lao’s contribution and academic achievement culture praise, especially the chairman of Liaoning Artists Association and national artist Mr. Song Yugui speech is probably: I propose that, in view of the old China Yang Museum outstanding contribution to Liaoning province museum museum when completed, as the construction of supporting facilities the museum, there should be a Yang Renkai award. The procedures for engraving the gold statue will be done by the Liaoning Provincial Museum. All the expenses of the statue will be mine. No matter how large the golden statue is, the purity requirement will not be four or nine!
With old friend Wang Jiqian, painter Song Yugui discuss painting and calligraphy together
Song Yugui, the most famous contemporary painter China, is definitely a big coffee warlords, in the arts, cultural circle, can let the eyes look high scanty. However, as far as I know, the old Yang in Song Yugui’s mind is always tall! Why? The reason is very simple, because Yang Laonai “world-famous museum experts, painting and calligraphy appreciation, master calligrapher, art historian, museum is a new Chinese pioneer, extraordinary contribution, tribute. A generation of” master identification through (this is after passing the community to give Yang Angel conclusion).
The old museum of Yang Chinese did outstanding contribution, its life, work, scholarship, so people can match. I think the old Yang Yang old friendship between old and young people will, after combing about the world by valiant record, master the perfect image as a model, the whole society to establish a representative example of positive energy.

Since ancient Chinese painting and calligraphy have been identified, only experts have no authority

“Chinese ancient paintings and calligraphy identification notes”.
Xu Bangda, a calligrapher of calligraphy, painting and calligraphy, who enjoys the “national treasure”, died in Beijing because of illness at the age of 101. Since then, the “China identification of ancient calligraphy and painting old Xu Bangda, Xie Zhiliu, Qi Gong, Liu Jiuan, Yang Renkai all attributed to the road, also means the end of an era of identification. And another era has been opened, and this era in calligraphy and painting identification, from now on only experts, no authority.
Many people use “art appraisal” as their target, and “academic identification” is the starting point of the book. However, identification of things be also a non. The identification of painting era from “five old” to create what is formed? We first briefly look at the old life.
Xie Zhiliu, a consultant and painter of the Shanghai Museum, an expert in ancient paintings and calligraphy
Xie Zhiliu (1910-1997) as a painting and calligraphy expert, his identification art is indeed step by step in the creation of deepening. His forte is to focus on the direct access to the painting itself, absolutely not kind. Xie Zhiliu made the characters are painting circles and identification of celebrities, except Zhang Daqian and Wu Hufan, Zhang Boju, Zhang Shizhao, Yu Youren, Shen Yinmo, Xu Beihong, Shang Chengzuo, Rong Geng, in the dark, plays an invisible role in his artistic experience. Shanghai, was hired him for the compilation, the life of a major turning point, it Chinese never identified specialized schools, such as Xie Zhiliu halfway monk, is a rare genius identification. He has been known since then. Later, the State Bureau of cultural relics and calligraphy identification group members across the country, the identification of Tibetan ancient painting and calligraphy for a comprehensive and systematic, across four provinces, from the first half of the year, the painting more than axis, in his life career identification is a big event in the past, is a connoisseur of painting is rare.

Where are the secrets of ancient Chinese painting and calligraphy?

I always thought that everyone has their own talent, the material to be useful! Is your understanding and give birth you the day after tomorrow’s occupation is whether or not you be made one, be made one after the hard life. After the harmony of man and nature, coupled with your hard work, you will certainly not waste your life, but only the size of the achievements.
After reading the old identification notes Yang Yang, recall the old life, I think the old Yang has identified Chinese ancient painting and calligraphy talent, Yang old life really diligent, extraordinary talent and abnormal hard, only to become the academic master Yang, Dean of identification. The so-called talent, this is God given, and I said that I do not understand, but to Yang Lao as an example, say diligence, I still have a little say. The so-called hard, there are three key points outside: observation, hands-on, more than his old life! Yang Chinese (regardless of the authenticity of ancient calligraphy and painting) a total of one hundred thousand or so, see more natural knowledge widely, look after the authenticity of the painting naturally understand. Yang in order to identify the needs of ancient painting and calligraphy, not only copied a lot of ancient paintings and calligraphy, but also a lifetime diligent notes, but published academic achievements as many as ten million words. A good head is better than a rotten pen. Yang’s old pen does write its glorious life. This is the thinking, have wide learning and a retentive memory, Yang became one of the key factors Chinese identification of painting circles “five old”. After observation, diligent notes, Yang Lao often each writer’s work characteristics of each era (including representative and don’t transfer works) in mind, comparative study, pondering, and so, then watch sb works later, at a glance authenticity.

Google displays the latest technology and uses AI to create Google’s street view as a professional photo

In May this year, the German Photokina exhibition officially announced from 2019 will change the original two years held the event as an annual digital imaging exhibition, at the same time, the theme of the exhibition will no longer limited to digital imaging products and technology itself, but will be related to the broader field. At present, the exhibition will be opened next year Photokina at the end of September the old time, and in 2019 will be held in May for the first time in the exhibition. Recently, the Photokina Management Department officially announced that the 2019 Photokina will be held from May 8th to May 11th. Believe that during this period, there will still be many manufacturers will show new products.

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